Hi-Tech Diamond

Long before I had experienced much growth on YouTube and before the current affiliate program at Hi-Tech Diamond, I reached out them to see if they wanted to work with me in the promotion of lapidary and rockhounding. They believed in the message that I was putting out and decided to work with me.

I believe the products they make really hit a sweet spot in the lapidary world. They make affordable, available, USA made, and high-quality machines for cutting and polishing rocks.

The two machines that I own and I would consider to be the top two machines in what they offer are the 8″ All-U-Need Flat Lap and the 6″ Trim Saw with the vise.

I have made hundreds of cuts on on this trim saw and polished countless rocks on the flat lap.

I have also done in-depth reviews of these machines on YouTube and those videos are down below.

Flat Lap Review

Trim Saw Review

If you’re in the market for machines like this you should check out what Hi-Tech Diamond has to offer on their site and you can use the discount code ‘ currentlyrockhounding ‘ at checkout to save 10% on accessories such as blades and additional lapping discs.