Moses Roadcut Zeolites

Location Name: Moses Roadcut
Materials: Zeolites: Analcime, Clinoptilolite, Erionite, and Phillipsite
GPS: 46.42700, -117.17214
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out.
Tools: Hand sledge and chisel
Vehicle: Any
Date Visited: October 2021 & October 2022
Additional comments: According to Mindat the zeolites at this location were found in the areas road cuts by Lanny Ream in 1992.
Any Location Updates Since Visit:

October 2021 visit:

October 2022 Visit:

In the fall of 2022 we paid another visit to this locality to do some collecting of material for later examination.

The roadcut does appear to have three zones to it with different minerals forming on the west side and east side of the cut with a separation of larger basalt boulders between them.

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