Update History

Here is the history of all the updates and additions to the website.

Added Silverbell Mine listing 8/26/21
Added Chelan Butte listing 8/24/21
Added Dacite Mountain listing 8/12/21
Added Mineral Microscopy article 8/4/21
Updated Okanogan Aventurine / Serpentine listing 8/3/21
Added Edna Mine listing 8/3/21
Added Rockhounding Ethics article 8/1/21
Updated Wild Turkey Mine listing 8/1/21
Added Minerals of Stevens County listing 7/30/21
Added Fossil Bowl listing 7/22/21
Updated Little Naches: Quartz Creek Thundereggs listing 7/15/21
Updated Little Naches: Lily Pad Thundereggs listing 7/13/21
Updated Dry Gulch listing 7/12/21
Added Wasco Picture Jasper listing 7/29/21
Added Coffeepot Craters listing 7/24/21
Updated Books 6/22/21
Added Winchester Creek listing 6/22/21
Added McDermitt listing 6/15/21
Added Weiser Gypsum Crystals 6/10/21
Added Lime Orthoclase Feldspar Crystals listing 6/8/21
Added Can Your Phone Identify A Rock? article 6/7/21
Updated Rimrock Lake Washington location listing 6/2/21
Added The Wild Turkey Mine 5/27/21
Updated The Addy Roadcut 5/24/21
Updated Red Marble Mine 5/24/21
Updated Support 5/20/21
Updated Rimrock Lake Washington location listing 5/20/21
Updated Books 5/20/21
Added Rimrock Lake Washington location listing 5/18/21