Wells Fargo Mine

Location Name: Wells Fargo Mine
Materials: This is the list of observed minerals at this location but we didn’t find most of them: Baryte, Boulangerite, Cervantite, Jamesonite, Pyrite, Quartz, Robinsonite, Siderite, ‘Stibiconite’, Stibnite, Zinkenite.
GPS: Lower Adit 48.14850, -117.96871 Upper Adit 48.14863, -117.96901
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out. https://youtu.be/hQr1l7dnCE4
Tools: Hard rock tools would be ideal for this location such as a hammer and chisel.
Vehicle: AWD / 4WD
Date Visited: September 2021
Additional comments: We approached this location from the north which required a little over a 5 mile hike to get to the location but it’s very possible that there could be a better route from the south which would allow you to drive closer.
Any Location Updates Since Visit:

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