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The Previously Rockhounding Podcast where we explore the world of rockhounding and lapidary from the ye olden days of the 1970s and 1980s through the lens of vintage issues of Rock & Gem magazine.

Episode 20: April 1980 Previously Rockhounding

The 1980s are here and money is on everyone's mind, or at least on the minds of Rock & Gem contributors. We read about sky-high silver prices and how to protect your dollars by investing in diamonds. The Frantic Fumbler gives us his reasons for why so few young people are getting into the hobby and we go back to a time when buying direct from a manufacturer was a new, innovative idea. Check out currentlyrockhounding.com/podcast to see this issue's cover art and more!
  1. Episode 20: April 1980
  2. Episode 19: The Mineralogical Record Vol. 5 #4