My Personal Library

Much of what I know about the subjects of rocks, minerals, geology, mining and rockhounding has came from books covering those topics. Over the years I have assembled what I believe to be a very respectable personal library of books related to rockhounding, minerals, geology, identification and mines. I would like to share all of these titles with you in hopes that it will aid you in building out your own private library.

I’m always looking for new titles to read so if you have any book suggestions for me please email them to me at

Fossil Books: If it was once living and now it’s not you can learn about it here!
Number of titles: 3
Last Update: 6/3/22

Geology Books: Why did the geologist need to see a counselor? He wanted to discuss his faults. These books may not help you with your faults but they will help you have a more in depth understanding of geology.
Number of titles: 21
Last Update: 1/12/22

Lapidary & Collection Curation Books: Too many rocks around? Looking for things to do with all of the rocks and minerals you find or buy? These books will help you figure that out.
Number of titles: 2
Last Update: 5/28/22

Mining Books: What do you call it when a piano falls down a mine shaft? A flat miner! At least I think that’s what you call it but what I am sure of is that these titles on mining are all excellent!
Number of titles: 10
Last Update: 6/4/22

Rock and Mineral Identification Books: Attaching a name to the rock or mineral you have is a critical step in learning about rocks and minerals and these books will aid you greatly in that pursuit.
Number of titles: 10
Last Update: 12/4/21

Rockhounding Books: Want to hear a great rock pun? Just give me a moment and I’ll dig one up. In the meantime these rockhounding books will assist you in the locating of interesting rocks and minerals!
Number of titles: 27
Last Update: 6/5/22

Specific Rock and Mineral Books: Why won’t minerals ever tell lies? They’re always in their pure form!
Number of titles: 9
Last Update: 8/20/22