Trip Reports

Metaline Quarry – September 2022

Metaline Quarry – September 2022 We have been wanting to go to this quarry for years, ever since seeing it mentioned in Gem Trails of Washington. In the book, a map merely points out a spot and lists “Trilobites?”. The reason it’s taken us years to make it out here, despite it being relatively close,… Continue reading Metaline Quarry – September 2022

Icicle Creek – August 2022

Icicle Creek – August 2022 After leaving Lake Wenatchee with some time to spare, we looked for rockhounding opportunities nearby. The rockhounding books recommend Icicle Creek, outside of Leavenworth, for tourmaline, beryl, and albite feldspar. Upon leaving Leavenworth, we had a hard time looking at the roadcuts because most of the turnouts were already full… Continue reading Icicle Creek – August 2022

Oceanside Beach, OR – May 2022

Oceanside Beach, OR – May 2022 We stopped at this beach access point after seeing the abundance of gravel on the beach. We happened to be at the beach about an hour before low tide, perfect timing for beachcombing. In a very short amount of time we found agates, red and green jaspers, amigdyloidal basalt… Continue reading Oceanside Beach, OR – May 2022

Kettle Falls Bridge – March 2022

Kettle Falls Bridge – March 2022 We went back to a spot that we visited last year around this time. The spot is under the bridge over the Columbia River outside of Kettle Falls. The claim is that there are blue beryl crystals in pegmatite here. Lanny Ream’s “Gems and Minerals of Washington” describes: [the… Continue reading Kettle Falls Bridge – March 2022


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