Little Naches: Lily Pad Thundereggs

Materials: Lily Pad Thundereggs
GPS: 47.03552, -121.08463
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out.
Tools: You can find material sitting road side here pretty often but the tools needed are digging tools and hard rock mining tools.
Vehicle: Any
Date Visited: Last visited June 2022
Additional comments:
Any Location Updates Since Visit: As of June 2022 there has been some logging operations in the lower parts of FS 1901 which means both logging trucks roads and repaired roads for those trucks.

2020 Visit:

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2022 Visit:

This is what the rhyolite looks like cut with the thundereggs inside it.

The Thundereggs

Driving To The Lily Pad Thunderegg Bed

Enjoy this rollercoaster ride through the forest on a wet June morning in 2022. The drive starts at the turn from Little Naches Road and onto forest service road 1901.