Monument & Burnt Cabin Creek Zeolites

Location Name: Monument & Burnt Cabin Creek Roadcuts
Materials: Calcite, Chalcedony, and Zeolites.

Some of the Zeolites we found were Analcime, Chabazite, Thomsonite, and Natrolite. However Cowlesite, Gyrolite, Mesolite, Offretite, and Todorokite have been reported but I didn’t find those.
GPS: Monument: 44.823274, -119.429605
John Day River Camp: 44.78122, -119.61086
Burnt Cabin Creek: 44.92299, -119.69526
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out.
Tools: Hammers, and chisels.
Vehicle: Any
Date Visited: November 2021 & June 2022
Additional comments: I think these were really neat locations to visit and we will be revisiting them in the future. I do think that the John Day River and the Burnt Cabin Creek locations were the highlight of the trip and if the Monument roadcut is out of your way perhaps don’t bother with it.
Any Location Updates Since Visit: After this listing was created and I was digging deeper into the material retrieved I found some Cowlesite, please see below.

With so many amazing pockets to take photos of I will likely be adding to this gallery down below for some time but this is what I have photographed so far.

Here is the Cowlesite that I have been able to find from the material at Burnt Cabin Creek.

2022: Burnt Cabin Creek Visit

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