Richardson’s Rock Ranch

Location Name: Richardson’s Rock Ranch
Materials: Everything you could ever want
GPS: 44.732494, -120.975854
6683 Hay Creek Rd, Madras, OR 97741
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out.
Tools: N/A
Vehicle: Any
Date Visited: November 2021
Additional comments: In years past you were able to come out here and dig your own thundereggs but they have currently stopped the fee digging operation. You can still come and buy some of their famous thundereggs along with a giant selection of other rocks. They seem to have every rock you could imagine, much more than just thundereggs. They have rocks from all around the world in addition to local material and some exclusive material too.

This also have a shop and small museum worth visiting.

They do have different hours in the summer and winter so the best thing to do is check there website before visiting.

Richardson’s Rock Ranch

Any Location Updates Since Visit:

This is only a portion of the rocks.
Amazing specimens in the museum
Guard peacocks protecting the property

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