Snowbird Mine

Location Name: Snowbird Mine
Materials: Quartz Crystal, Calcite, Fluorite and Parisite
GPS: Parking; 46.79160, -114.78819
Trail splits here; 46.78659, -114.79064
Mine Location; 46.77881, -114.79483
When using GPS coordinates to navigate to locations in the backcountry sites like Google will often make mistakes. Please watch this video before venturing out.
Tools: Hammers and chisels.
Vehicle: My Subaru Outback made it just fine but the road is rough and some areas would be rather difficult to impossible in a low 2WD car.
Date Visited: August 2022
Additional comments: This location is remote with lots of huckleberries which makes it prime grizzly bear habitat. When we visited there was a both a sign and online notice about grizzly bears being sighted in the area. If you visit this mine please carry bear spray with you.
Any Location Updates Since Visit: The gates to access this area are unlocked between July 1st and September 1st but depending on the year you might be hitting snow in July.

Three different colors of fluorite:

Paraisite chunks with annabergit on the exterior:

Locations Photos:

This is the location mentioned up above where the trail splits off.

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