Episode 10: January 1977
We start 1977 off right with some rockhounding life lessons, a field trip idea for the dead of winter and a jewelry project that we just might try. We muse on the best type of photos for field trip reports and guidebooks, as well as the benefit of seeing rocks and minerals in a museum.  

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Episode 9: December 1976
We enter another hectic holiday season in this issue, which is complete with a gift guide, simple project ideas and is chock-full of ads for amusing products. We also are unclearly called to action by some PSA ads, and learn more than we ever wanted to know about Mexican agates and treated turquoise.

Episode 8: May 1976
In this issue we read multiple articles that offer little more than common sense, such as how to clean minerals; how to keep yourself safe from belt and pulleys; and more bicentennial jewelry guides. We also genuinely learn about some exciting places in Mexico and mediocre off-label uses for lapidary equipment.

The mindat listing discussed in this episode.

Episode 7: April 1976
This issue proclaims to be the “1976 Rockhound and Lapidary Guidebook”. In it, we find many interesting ads for products that have been lost to time and some that seem a little out of place. Rock shows come up a lot in both ads and articles and we note how they’ve changed, but not necessarily for the better.

Episode 6: March 1976
In this episode we read about rockhounding in southern California and southern California-adjacent areas, and learn one good idea and many not so good ideas for using tumbled rocks. We also get our hopes up on a deceptively titled article.

Here are the links to the Tourmaline Queen Mine mindat listings as mentioned on this show.