Episode 5: February 1976
In this episode America’s bicentennial is drummed into us by way of a number of projects and ads, we learn more than we ever wanted to know about quartz crystals and we finally read an article about a rockhounding in our neck of the woods.

Episode 4: December 1975
In this episode we find a number of things that haven’t changed through the years. We are tricked by deceptively titled articles (Rock & Gem articles are the YouTube videos of the 1970s), read about who is allowed to call themselves a rockhound, and discuss an article describing step by step instructions for risking one’s life for the sake of crystals.

Episode 3: November 1975
In this episode we are pleasantly surprised by some very elaborate ads and great field reports from Mexico to Oregon. We also read about some DIY projects that we will definitely not be trying ourselves.

Episode 2: July 1975
In this episode we discuss rockhounding trip guides from Texas to Canada, speculate on product placement in articles and try to see the images in a celebrity’s rock collection.

Episode 1: June 1975
Join us for our very first read through of Rock & Gem magazine. In this episode we talk about how much has changed and yet how much has stayed the same in the world of rockhounding and lapidary.

Episode 0:
What is Previously Rockhounding? Join us for our very first episode where we talk about why we’re reading old Rock & Gem magazines and what we’re expecting to learn and to read!