Black Rock Obsidian – September 2021

Black Rock Obsidian

This is a nice spot off of Utah State Route 257. If you happen to be driving to the Sunstone Knoll or visiting the Tabernacle Hill Lava Tubes, both of which are north of this collecting area.

The road to the spot was very passable by any vehicle. We didn’t venture too far down the road so it was may get worse as you go farther. There may be claims further down the road but we saw no signage where we were.

The obsidian here that we found was black, mahogany and snowflake. The ground surface was littered with small pieces of all types but primarily plain black. The pieces on the surface were generally smaller than golf ball size but plentiful so a lot could be collected quickly with little effort. Searching the washes and gullies was more more fruitful than the open range area.

The road here goes through private property so make sure you’re on BLM land before collecting. You could spend a lot of time exploring this area and since it’s BLM land you could camp anywhere although there are no services nearby and very few people here.