CWU Geology Displays – April 2023

CWU Geology Displays

We’ve heard about the geological timeline display at Central Washington University and were passing through Ellensburg so we decided to stop in and see the displays for ourselves.

The geology department is located in Discovery Hall on CWU campus. Unfortunately it was raining when we visited so we weren’t able to fully appreciate the outside rock garden. The rock garden shows large examples of different types of rock and includes a QR code that can be used to take a self-guided tour.

Inside the building on the first floor the main attraction is the geological timeline laid out in the hallway. When applicable the epoch names are paired with information about the earth at that time and cases full of rocks from that age.

Of course, no rock display in Ellensburg would be complete without a spotlight on Ellensburg blue agates. There is a display case full of interesting specimens and inclusions that can be found within them.

The specimens and information displayed are museum quality, educational and interesting, well worth a stop.