Kit Carson Mine – July 2021

Kit Carson Mine

On a hot July day, we decided to head somewhere cool and thus went up Mount Spokane in search of the Kit Carson Mine. Multiple sources list the mine as being located between Trail 140 and Trail 110. The Kit Carson Mine is known for producing autunite, a type of uranium, which is found in a ~100 square mile area around Mount Spokane. Autunite is found in decaying granodiorite.
We took Trail 110, then started tromping off trail through the huckleberry bushes and downed trees toward the mine location. However, we found no mine and no evidence of former mining activity. It is possible that we were in the right location but the dense vegetation obscured any tailing or mine detritus. We barely saw any rocks apart from the rocks on the road, which were mostly quartz and granite and did not glow under UV light.