Oceanside Beach, OR – May 2022

Oceanside Beach, OR

We stopped at this beach access point after seeing the abundance of gravel on the beach. We happened to be at the beach about an hour before low tide, perfect timing for beachcombing.

In a very short amount of time we found agates, red and green jaspers, amigdyloidal basalt and zeolites.

It was a weekend and the rain and wind were mild so there were many other people on the beach and many were looking at the rocks but we still found plenty and left plenty to be found.

Generally, during the winter and times of rough sea, sand can be stripped and rock exposed. Because of this, you might have a better selection of rocks and less competition for them in the winter. Tall waterproof boots are a great tool here as they help keep icy cold water from filling your shoes and cutting your beachcombing short. However, we did see several people walking around barefoot despite the fact that the temperature was around 45 F.

Check out the location listing for photos of zeolites that we found on the beach.