Franson Peak – August 2021

Franson Peak

Rockhounding literature suggests that 2-3 foot amethyst geodes can be found on Franson Peak. There is a 0% chance this is true, but we went out to take a look anyway. Franson Peak is primarily private timber property but the road up to the peak is public.

Assuming that there is some truth behind the claims about this area, we slowly drove up, scrutinizing roadside rocks as we drove. Around halfway up the road became too rough for our vehicle and we had to turn around. We inspected the rocks at this point and found some interesting quartz that could possibly be mistaken for agate but it was definitely not agate and not a 2-3 foot amethyst geode.

Despite not finding much, this area is still worth checking out. There is a write-up in a Panorama Gem Club newsletter of a member getting a tip and finding agates in this area. The peak south of Franson Peak, Mt Elizabeth, is primarily public land and seems like a good place to do some scouting.