Lake Chelan Flourite – August 2021

Lake Chelan Flourite

When it’s hot, the hills southwest of Lake Chelan are always a good place to go. And they’re not crowded like the town. This was our third trip to the area in search of flourite. The last time the road was too icy to drive but this time it was clear and easily navigable by (4wd) car!

We had a lead on one spot, with GPS coordinates but as we drove as close as we could to the spot, we realized what the lines on the topo map were telling us: we were close as possible to the GPS cooridate but still 2500′ too high and no way to get down to the point of interest. UV flashlight revealed nothing notable on any rock up at the top of the hill, but we did find some great views and future campsites. The road we followed to get to this spot is called Slide Ridge Road.

See video below for a previous unsuccessful trip to this area.